Art Workshops for Health and Well-Being

I run several bespoke art workshops which aim to improve health and well-being through the use of person-centred therapeutic art and creativity.

Suggestions for Bespoke Art Workshops

All Workshops are bespoke and can be adapted for your organisation and client group.

Art for Wellbeing

art therapy workshopsThese workshops aim to demonstrate how creativity can be used to improve health and wellbeing.  During each session, a different technique or craft is demonstrated and practised, so that participants can experience a range of opportunities to try out.  During each session, psycho-educational information about mental health and emotional issues is presented and discussed in the group, whilst undertaking the activity.

Further information about the workshops and examples of creative techniques used in past sessions can be found here.

Positive Reflections

These workshops are designed to help participants explore the meaning of self-esteem and body image and to make improvements about how they feel about themselves. They are designed to be fun and inclusive, whilst dealing with possibly traumatic subjects in a sensitive manner. During the workshops, life-coaching techniques are used, together with photography, to help participants recognise their authentic self.  More information about the workshops can be found here.

Aim: To recognise positive aspects of themselves to enable them to improve their self-esteem, and to set goals for future action to make further improvements to their self-esteem.

Positive Reflections

Mindful Photography

The effects of mindful meditation on mental health and wellbeing have been well documented. Photography can be used as a means of practising mindfulness in everyday life, by learning to take photographs with our full attention and being “present” in the process.

An introduction to mindfulness and positive psychology, followed by how photography can be used to explore how we can enrich our experience, and bring “being into seeing”. Not a technical course, and camera phones can be used.

Further information about these workshops can be found here.

mindful photography

Creative Journaling

Using creative writing and art journaling in an art workshop to explore mood, emotions and experiences over time.

Aim: Stress reduction and self-awareness

The practice of journaling has real physical and mental health benefits. It has been shown to strengthen our immune system and lower hypertension, and also associated with decrease in depression and anxiety, an increase in positive mood, social engagement and quality of close relationships.

Further information about these workshop, can be found here.

Creative Journaling

Changing Landscapes, Changing Emotions

The landscape and weather conditions are used as metaphors for thoughts, feelings and emotions in this longer-term workshop. Participants are encouraged to think about the changes through the seasons and the positive nature that each change can bring, and use these as a reflection for their own lives.

This photographic art workshop would fit in well with an existing walking group, and a tutor may visit perhaps monthly or during each change of season, to discuss and set challenges. More information about the workshop can be found here.

art workshops

Stereotypes and Identity

If your organisation or client group would like an art workshop designed specifically for your needs around these issues, then please get in touch.  I have experience in a diverse range of issues where photography can be used as a narrative voice for expression.

Further information about these workshops can be found here.

art workshop

Important information

I have:BACP member

  • a current enhanced DBS check,
  • safeguarding training for children and vulnerable adults,
  • membership of an accredited register of the Professional Standards Authority.
  • MA Arts Practice (Art, Health and Wellbeing), PGCE.
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