Creative Journaling Workshop with Cwm-Ni Iach

I was recently asked to deliver a four session Creative Journaling workshop for Cwm-Ni Iach at Dove Workshop, Banwen, Neath.  Cwm-Ni Iach (or Healthy Company) aims to support people to improve their mental and physical health and well-being.

During the four sessions, participants had an opportunity to try out lots of different creative journaling techniques to explore their feelings and emotions, as well as enjoying the company of the group.  We had lots of laughter!

All resources are supplied by me for the workshop – apart from the ones that we helped ourselves to from nature.  We had a lovely session with leaves, grasses, daisies and buttercups, even some pebbles.

Some of the ideas and techniques that we included are listed and photographed below:

Creative Journaling Workshop

Group “introduce myself” collage

Exploring my timeline

What fills my head?

I Love ….

Breathing Meditation

Using Natural Resources

Messy backgrounds and layers

Hidden messages and redacted poetry

Creating Mandalas

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