Eggshell Art

Walking on Eggshells

My inspiration to experiment with eggshell art:

After visiting the Ivor Davies Silent Explosion exhibition in the National Museum Cardiff earlier this year, I was particularly interested in Davies’ Picasso influenced paintings that he made during the mid-1950s.  This was when he experimented with adding broken eggshells to his painted surfaces.

Working with both men and women who have been affected by domestic abuse, I often hear the emotive expression “walking on eggshells”.

Once home, I reflected on the use of eggshells in my own work and wanted to experiment with the use of them in collage work.

A cake had to be made first (coffee and walnut, if case anyone is interested!).  I may have to experiment with eggshell art a bit more.

Eggshell Art


PVA Glue

Acrylic paint

Watercolour paint

Spray Paint

Gloss sealant

This would make an interesting choice of resource for a mixed media collage or as part of an art journal.

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