Mindful Photography

mindful photography

What is mindfulness?

  • A very simple form of meditation.
  • Paying attention to the present moment.
  • Observation without judgement.
  • Compassion to self.
  • Can help mental wellbeing.

What is mindful photography? 

  • Mindless or Mindful?
  • A different way of meditating.
  • Increases creativity.
  • Be Present with what you see.
  • No labels or judgements.
  • An opportunity to allow subconscious interpretations of feelings.

Mindful Photography Workshops

Stop … Look … See

Mindfulness is about so much more than making time to sit down in a private space and meditating.  This form of mindfulness isn’t for everyone.  But the great thing about mindfulness is that it can take so many different forms, including creative processes, such as drawing, painting and photography.

With cameras being so accessible and easy to use, it’s easy to take photography.  By learning to be mindful in the process, we can start to see our environment around us in a new way.

In our workshops, we undertake fun visual exercises to see the world in a different way, before starting to go out and look at something as we’ve never seen it before.