Branch Weaving – Weaving Stories of our Lives

Branch weaving

Branch Weaving – Weaving the Stories of our Lives

In my Art for Wellbeing weekly group, we have started to try out branch weaving.  I have been interested in weaving for some time, and wanted to try out a weaving activity with a group that didn’t involve individual looms.  Sticks and branches were the perfect answer! For excellent instructions in how to do branch weaving, I visited the Weaving Loom, and the rest of it was quite organic. Branch weaving Before I met with the group, Mr Strad and I went for a lovely walk through the Gnoll Country Park and found some suitable branches.  It is important to make sure that the branches are strong enough to withstand the tension of the weave and won’t break when the string is pulled (we learnt the hard way!). We started the session with a Tree of Life visualisation to focus the intention on the activity and branches were selected. When the group started the branch weaving, we talked about how we could use the weaving to incorporate aspects of our lives in the weave.  There was a large selection of left over textiles  (I’m a bit of a craft hoarder, so there’s a lot) – wools, cottons, ribbons, wires, feathers, plus decorations such as beads and sequins, to add that could symbolise events or people. The layers of the branch weave could symbolise the layers of our lives, and often as we weave, it doesn’t turn out quite as we planned.  And yes, one of the branches snapped and was flung across the room!  Time to start again …… Branch weaving

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