Tree of Life Visualisation

Tree of Life visualisation

This meditation is lovely to use to ground yourself when you’re feeling anxious or stressed.  The visualisation can help to calm yourself down, or to give you an energy boost if needed.

Tree of Life Visualisation

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position. You can use a chair if you like, but for best results, sit on the ground. Feel the weight of your body, sinking into where you make contact with the ground. Now spend about 2-3 minutes breathing slowly and deeply, quieting your mind. Once you feel relaxed and focused, you can begin. Imagine that your body is a tree… any type of tree you wish. Imagine your body is the trunk of the tree and your arms are the branches. Become aware of the sole of your feet, and imagine that you are growing roots, like the roots of a tree, out of the bottom of the soles of your feet. Imagine those roots growing deep into the ground. These roots may appear as traditional tree roots or something different: a beam of colorful light, roots that sparkle with light, glitter and diamonds, or watery and flowing roots… anything your mind wishes. Now imagine your roots reaching all the way to the Earth’s core. It doesn’t take long to get down there. Simply imagine a cross section of the planet with you standing, sitting or lying on the surface. Imagine that your roots reach down to the core. Travelling through the grass and past the rocks into the soil, the minerals beneath the surface of the earth. Smell the fresh soil and the moisture of the earth as your roots delve even deeper down. Past the rubies, the diamonds, the gold and silver and all the treasures contains within the earth. Down into the earth’s crust and bursting through into the core of the earth. Feel the intense warmth at the centre of the earth. Imagine a crystal cave in the very heart of the earth and extend your roots now into that cave, wrapping your roots around the most beautiful diamond representing the heart of the earth. Feel a warm, golden honey light travelling up through those roots now, into your feet, your calves, your shins, up and over your knees, the back of the knees, up into the thighs and hamstrings. Feel this honey golden light washing up into and over your hips, buttocks, and pelvis. Travelling up the trunk of the tree, into your abdomen, lower back, your waist, upper body, chest, flowing your heart with a delicious golden warmth. Feel the golden warmth now spreading over your whole chest area, up into your shoulder, down the branches, into your arms and spreading into your fingertips. Feel it flowing up your neck, your throat, your jaw – relaxing all of your muscles – as it flows into your face, over the back of your head, filling your entire face and head all the way up to your crown. As your whole body is now immersed in this golden liquid honey light. So warm and delicious. So nurturing and comforting. So loving and calm. Feel grounded and protected in this light, knowing it is there for you whenever you want or need it. There for you, grounded beneath your feet. Taking a few deep breaths, draw your roots back up into your feet from the centre of the earth. And you draw your branches back in towards you. Letting go of the image of you as the tree and connecting to yourself as a human being once again. You now become more and more aware of the shape of your physical body, the weight of your body, the pressure of your body as it sits or lies as you do in this meditation. You feel the clothes against your skin, the air of the room around you, and allow these sensations to bring you all the way back into the now moment. Centre your awareness on the area around your heart and allow your awareness to expand and become body-shaped once again. Open your eyes when you are ready. Tree of Life visualisation

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