Coronavirus advice for counselling clients

Advice for new and existing clients about attending counselling sessions during the coronavirus pandemic.


Coronavirus advice for counselling clients

All counselling sessions are being held either online, via Zoom, or by telephone.

As soon as we have been advised by Government that we can change our working arrangements, I will be offering face-to-face and walk and talk sessions. Until then, we have to keep each other safe and well and take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Further advice is available here.

Previous advice

What precautions have I implemented?

Face-to-face counselling sessions will continue as normal, unless I am advised not to do so from either the government or my professional organisation (BACP).

Alcohol based sanitizer is available in the therapy room for you to use.  

Hand contact surfaces in the therapy room, such as door handles and chair armrests, are sanitized in between clients.

Tissues are available in the therapy room and the bin emptied in between clients.

My commitment to you

I will take precautions and regularly review health and safety procedures in order to protect all my clients.

In the event that I or my immediate family contract Covid-19, I will self isolate for 14 days and let you know as soon as possible via email or text message.  During this time, I will offer all sessions via telephone or online, if I am well enough. 

Please note that I will not work if I am not well enough, particularly if I have a cough, which can be disruptive to our work.

Telephone and online video sessions (via Zoom) are offered as alternatives for any clients not able to come into the clinic. 

What implications are there in terms of privacy?

In the event that I or any of my clients contract Covid-19, I may be required to disclose names and contact details of people I have been in contact with, as well as the nature of our contact. I will protect your privacy in as much as is possible, whilst giving necessary information.

My requests to you

If you are experiencing mild symptoms but would like to still attend your session, please contact me so that we can arrange your session via telephone or online video. You will be asked to complete an Online Therapy Contract if you have not already.

Please let me know as soon as possible if wish to cancel your session because of illness.  My usual cancellation policy will apply.

A final word…

Please keep yourselves and others in the community safe.  This applies to your mental health, as well as reducing the risk from this virus.  I am here to support you, and will always be flexible wherever possible.

I look forward to continuing to work together, and will keep you updated with any new developments.

Warm regards